Sunday, March 7, 2010

special: sunny sunday i went out to check how the garden survived the strong northern german winter. the style might be kind of autumnal.

jacket: mcearl
shirt: primark
pants: kind of velvet denim by camel active
falke, wool
shawl: bought while travelling india or israel (not sure right now)
pocket square: crafted by my grandma
shoes: timberland 3-eye docksiders (my winter's favourite)


  1. Great shots, boy...the shirt looks very good with that jacket. The pocket square is classic...i would have chosen another colour for the pair of trousers, but that´s another story...ah, and what a great haircut!

  2. You and spoozy have such great style. I REALLY need to show them to my husband!!!!!!

  3. Du hast echt einen sehr tollen Geschmack:)Deine outfits gefallen mir alle sehr.Liebe Grüsse Endlich ein Mann der sich zu kleiden weiss.

  4. Off topic from clothes, I really like your hairstyle. I have similar length hair. How do you style it ?

  5. im using wax or pomade, but not to much. and the styling becomes easier the longer the hair is. cheers, philou.