Friday, March 12, 2010

colour up your friday

cashmere, ermenegildo zegna
shirt: oxford button down, made to measure
pants: h&m chino
shoes: timberland classic 3-eye
pocket square: gift
belt: vintage


  1. Holy shit, this is just plain awesome...and i feel cited with you wearing bright red socks...what´s even more funny: i got the same red chino pant...could we be twin brothers, seperated at birth or is it just some magical band of style that is woven between us? (just making fun...)

    Great post, and what a jacket. I envy with you.

  2. du bist einfach ein schöner mann.
    die brille liebe ich und zu der hose muss ich ja nichts mehr sagen, mein guter.
    cocktails in stilvollem ambiente morgen abend stehen, ich bringe vermutlich auch noch die kleine a. mit.

    bis dahin
    liebst, isa