Saturday, March 20, 2010

just a few views

Re-opening of Michael Jondral's store after he moved from Karmarschstrasse (Hannover) to...Karmarschstraße (Hannover)....a few meters to the left of the old store's location.
The new store offers more room, is equipped with larger showcases and a lounge (this word only temporarily describes the accommodation found on the second floor and will be replaced by a less ubiquitous term.) can be found upstairs.

As can seen in the images, the store's interior is still not enitrely finished, filling the racks was a "cloak and dagger op" according to Mr.Jondral.
From the proportions of the space dedicated to the different italian high end manuifacturers, one can easily recognize that the emphasis lies on the colletion of Cesare Attolini.
Other brands worth a quote (not that all the others would not be worth a quote, but visiting spares us some typing) are Caruso (new tags and only "Caruso" now btw.!), Barba (Gold), Finamore, Saint Crispin's, the famous Neapolitan tie maker Marinella, Tie Your Tie from Firenze (worst name ever for an Italian brand) and the Parisian glove maker Meier-Bruecher.
Refering to the last three names, Mr.Jondral's store is the only haberdashery offering their products in Germany (to all I know).

(by the way: this was another legen...dary team work of paolo and philou....)


  1. I love your post! Cute dog in the last picture!

  2. Damn philou, great pics. And no, i have not been moving to Ddorf so far, will start work next tuesday...