Thursday, March 18, 2010

on a rainy afternoon...

paolo and me went to the city to meet michael jondral in his old shop (he reopens this sunday in the same building). paolo wanted to buy just a pair of awesome boots but decided to take an incredibly cheap jacket (after discount) as well.
you will find a post about the reopening party and the new store on sunday

and yes, i finally started shooting other guys :-)...

new jacket: stile latino, vincenzo attolini
new boots: saint crispin brogue

coat: gieves & hawkes
pants: incotex corduroy
shoes: brown magnanni suede derby
pocket square: luciano barbera
scarf: silk, paisley, terner hanover
gloves: chamois-leather, meier brucher paris

shirt: Barba Napoli
pocket square: hermès

wuuuuuu, very expensive thursday. but there are a few vintage posts coming next week.


  1. oww mens fashion blog ! likez it have not come across lots of them!

  2. I like your style, glad to find your blog.


  3. Huh, i am jealous...very much so, indeed :)

    Great pictures...seeing forward to those vintage stuff you´re about to post.