Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's not quite Thursday yet

but i am very busy this week, because i have got a new job. from now, i am roasting and selling premier league coffee, yey.... anyway, here's my cheapest outfit ever:

jacket: h&m
shirt: hugo boss
pants: h&m
coat: cashmere, vintage
pocket square: monti
shoes, cuff links, belt: vintage

philou out.


  1. The sad thing about pics taken in black&white is that you, guess what? - don´t see the colour :). You´re not able to judge if the whole outfit is more than just a the combination of single items...

    Nevertheless, i really admire your photographing skills. They are outstanding!

    Did you ever think about shooting for a magazine or likewise?

  2. well, in this case every time is black, grey or white. but you're right, i should stop shooting b&w.

    "Did you ever think about shooting for a magazine or likewise?"

    not really, but i somebody would ask me, i'd love to...

  3. You look so dapper! Is this really your cheapest outfit??? and congrats on the new job.