Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've been for a walk on a (warm) winter's day

jacket: cashmere, ermenegildo zegna
shirt: h&m
pants: tommy hilfiger

shoes: timberland classic 3-eye
coat: marc'o polo
pullover: daniel hechter


  1. Hmm....you surely know i´m kind of a jeans and jacket type...but this one does not work out for me. I guess it´s about colours: a dark blue jeans might have been the better choice, and a lightly-coloured sweater. This way, the contrast between the crew-neck and the brown shoes is too harsh.

    I like the trench though.

    PS: critics in return are appreciated!!

  2. Great pictures! They are so clear and crisp.

    I really like the jacket.

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