Monday, October 1, 2012

Considerung Perfumes

Some samples of a (at least to me) new perfume line arrived at my desk thanks to the team at Aus Liebe zum Duft. I love how they put so much effort into sampling the newest stuff as well as perfume classics to their clients. In this case, it was the full range of Maria Candida Gentile. Gershwin, a scent of complex citrus notes and incense was right up my alley. I have been using a number of incense-themed perfumes in the past. Unfortunately, most of them are too soapy or sweet for me. Gershwin, which is named after the famous composer and father of Rhapsody in Blue, does not fall into this category, but delivers a dry, crisp interpretation of an incense. Other perfumes from the collection I liked were Sideris and Cinabre, which show the same affinity for lean structure and elegant composition. Highly recommended!

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