Sunday, October 30, 2011

A very special shirt jacket

I already wrote about that very special shirt jacket project a friend of mine had going at a shirtmake we both share. This specific shirtmaker happens to have a very good reputation for all sorts of jackets (even the ones looking very similar to a suit coat) made in the manner of a shirt. Well, my friend wanted to know how close our shirtmaker could emulate a sports coat.
For this piece we created what looks like a casual coat but stripped it of anything which normally makes it  one internally. This meant no canvas, no padding, no lining with the exception of a tiny piece of cotton lining in the shoulders and sleeves. The result is pretty spot-on.

The shoulders are absolutely natural with a hint of shirring (or puffing, as Paolo calls it) at the top and upper back, a softly shaped waist and close fitting throughout. Almost every seam is machine-sewn and the whole piece is washable. We used a coarse cotton in a herringbone weave (in peanut green, no less) for the shell which extends into the inner front pieces for a bit more substance.
All three of us that were involved, are quite happy with the final product.


  1. Do we , can we, get the name of the shirtmaker?

  2. Who is the shirtt maker?