Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mannina... per le donne

Calogero and Antonio Mannina and their beautiful fiorentine shop, stacked to he top with some of the nicer examples of shoes ready-to-wear I have seen in a while have been featured quite extensively here within the last few months — partly due to the fact that Paolo and I have been there every day while we were in Florence last summer. It is only now that I have come to realize that we have not shown you enough of one very important part of their store yet: The women's section.

Not that Paolo or yours truly needed any shoes in feminine shapes or sizes for ourselves. My girlfriend, however, does. And one of the things she asked me to bring home from Florence was an exhaustive list o shoemakers and shopping sources for the female shoe geek. As far as I understood, finding shoes for women is simple. Finding shoes that actually fit (and not only look good) is a totally different animal, though. And so I took a couple of pictures of what Antonio had in stock for women.

Don't expect anything too fancy — Mannina mainly makes a no-nonsense shoe. What they excel at, are the classics every woman should have in her shoe rotation, like a medium height sling back stiletto, flat pump or brogued flat-heeled laceup. The leathers and execution (done off-site by an italian company working for Mannina) are flawless and maybe better than what most of the great fashion hoses force onto their female buyers' feet. Definitely worth a second look, if you ask me.

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