Monday, April 2, 2012

A very special capsule collection

Last week I was invited to have a first look at a very special capsule collection. Seisser & Cie., a traditional Munich-based brand some of our readers might know from my articles over at  teamed up with Loden-Frey, one of Munich's finest department stores to create small line of luxury jackets in a typical Bavarian style. The idea was to take the old and dusty bits out of this regional dress and make it young and relevant again by using only the best materials and construction. The result of this effort is a collection of three models, all of which are made from handwoven linen with handprinted soft cotton linings. Some of the less typical production steps (at least for a ready-to-wear garment) include an individually hand-dressed and hand-finished collar as well as shanked buffalo horn buttons. In order to make the jackets soft and comfortable, they have been made with minimal interior structure. All the materials as well as the finished jackets have been washed several times and ironed only lightly for a relaxed look. The only let-down for me are the machine-sewn buttonholes, but that is a personal thing. All pieces shown here are exclusive to Loden-Frey and made up in very limited quantities. It may be a bit early to think about your outfit for this year's Octoberfest, but these jackets would definitely not make you look out of place there — interested readers, you better stop by soon!

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