Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Minimalistic try-on shoes

I was at my shoemaker the other day for a fitting on my latest shoe project which will be ready by the end of march. The shoes are going to be in a plain whole cut design from soft suede in a reddish brown (see the shoe in my last picture). Wholecut shoes typically come in one of two variants: With (finished either with a "dog's tooth" or an additional strap of leather to protect the seam) or without a seam at the back. I opted for a design with a seam for one simple reason: durability. A seam at the back makes the shoe less prone to odd deformation. Also, in case of a refurbish, the lasting process is a bit easier.

The soles will be relatively thin and finished with a natural edge-trim. They will also have a step between the waist and the heel plus a special heel design called the "Thomas heel" which is longer on the inside than it is on the outside, with the two sides joined by a wave line.

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