Monday, November 14, 2011

A Prince of Wales fitting — from the inside

Paolo is going through a phase in which he disapproves of any tailor willing to finish a suit in more than one fitting. So I have to share my pictures of a first (also known as "basted") fitting with you instead of with him. Poor Paolo! He would have seen some delicate handwork being done inside my new Prince of Wales double breasted suit, including hand padded fronts and shoulder pads. Yes, pad-stitched shoulder pads, made from scratch. Mine are extremely thin and soft and not what you would normally consider a shoulder pad. No stiffness and constriction here.

The suit will be styled rather conservatively. In fact, my tailor found it so conservative he thought of it quite modernist. The overlap of the jacket will be quite wide and the lapels will be wider than normal, with a bit more belly to them. Trousers will be high-rise with fish-tail backs and buttons for braces. Double forward pleats of course. I had a second fitting two weeks after these pictures were taken. The suit should be finished when I return to Munich after another week of travelling.

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