Thursday, February 11, 2010

it's a tough way...

at first, i became interested in fashion. no, that's not right, at first, i became interested in fashion photography. so i started to shoot myself, because i was the only one i could shoot at first after moving to berlin in fall 2008. depending on my new "hometown" berlin mitte, i was developing some kind of typical "berlin-mitte-style" - i'm sure, you know, what i mean. a little punky, a little spooky, lots of colours, lots of trash. i was working as a freelancing graphic designer and that was, what can i say, my uniform.

i can't spot the day anymore, when i quit customizing american apparel tees and started buying shirts. real shirts, with real sleeves, real collars, real cuffs. today, there is a wide collection of those in my closet. some h&m, some made to measure. and i must admit, that's not the end of the story. i also started to collect ties, suits, shoes, cuff links, scarfs...... it's a process. in my eyes, my closet's still empty, but i am working hard in filling it.
and tonight, i wonder, if there are any other guys with the same style, the same opinion, the same....let me say addiction. and i do not mean the typical role models and prototypes. i am 21 and it's a tough job to find guys, dressing like gentlemen (and hopefully behaving like gentlemen) in my age.

well, i start searching. and in the meantime, i will publish some outfits and other interesting shots or stories. taken by myself, or maybe by you? mail me!



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  1. Hey, that could just be my story...apart from the Berlin and Graphic Design funny. Keep it going, Philou!